Nafasi stands out as a favourite among coffee drinkers. Ideal for espresso but equally enjoyable as a filter coffee. Read more…

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Coffee Origins

Nafasi stands out as a favorite among coffee drinkers. Ideal for espresso but equally enjoyable as a filter coffee, this three-bean blend boasts a harmonious mix of initial sweetness and a delightful, lingering cocoa finish. It’s a perfect choice for those who appreciate a well-balanced cup, especially when paired with milk for a cappuccino that avoids the bitterness often steered clear of by discerning baristas




Guatemala, Colombia, Tanzania

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How to serve Nafasi


Works well as a traditional espresso, where its notes of dark chocolate and caramel come through. It also excels as a flat white, allowing those flavors to cut through the milk smoothly.


to serve


French Press

As a filter coffee, its rich flavor profile is still present without bitterness. Brewed as a pour over, it delivers the same tastes as a filter coffee but smoother, with a more complex flavor.


When brewed as a V60, the Fussy blend’s flavor is very much a universal coffee that thrives from espresso to filter, black or with milk, without compromise.