Meet Azizi, our exotic blend, a captivating blend that tells a story as unique as its origin. Read more…

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Coffee Origins

Meet Azizi, our exotic blend, a captivating blend that tells a story as unique as its origin. Crafted with precision, it combines Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Worka, a washed Heirloom varietal, and Nicaraguan Rajuanse Estate, a natural Marselessa varietal. Adding to the intrigue is the X-factor seasonal bean, an ever-changing element that elevates Azizi to a level of unpredictability.
Aziz’s personality unfolds in every cup – a syrupy body, a sweet and clean acidity, and a medley of tropical peach, apple-pie, and honeycomb notes. This blend is not just a coffee; it’s an experience designed to highlight the distinctive fruit flavors in espresso, while also shining bright when savored as a pour-over or filter brew.
Beyond its delightful flavor profile, Azizi carries the essence of diversity, embodying the art of blending to create a coffee that stands out in the world of specialty roasts. Just like its unique components, Azizi is a blend that invites you to explore and savor the nuances of each sip, making your coffee ritual an adventure in taste and aroma.




Ethiopia, Colombia, Nicaragua

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How to serve Azizi


Makes an excellent flat white, highlighting its unique floral and peachy characteristics.


to serve


French Press

For something different, its tropical, peach and caramel flavours are best enjoyed brewed as a pour-over.


Its complex flavour profile truly comes through in a V60 brew, with notes of tropical fruits, peach and caramel.